What Needs To Be In Your Divorce Settlement

Are you trying to settle your divorce outside of court and decide on everything in mediation? If so, it will help to know what things need to be included in your divorce settlement. Asset Distribution A large part of mediation is going to be about asset distribution, which is how all of the shared assets between you and your spouse will be divided among the two of you. There are many laws in place already that help define what is joint and individual property, and you'll need to remove those items from discussion in the early stages since their ownership is already decided.

Strategies For Defending A Dog Bite Injury Claim

If someone sues you because your dog bit them, you may be liable to pay for their medical expenses and other damages. Some common laws used to hold dog owners liable for dog bite injuries include strict liability and negligence. However, a dog attack lawyer can help you defend an injury claim. Here are some defenses you can use against a dog bite injury claim. Provocation If the plaintiff provoked your dog by taunting or abusing it, the owner may not be held responsible for the resulting attack.

Why You Shouldn't Run After A DUI Accident

It's never a good idea to drive under the influence, as you'll often find that your judgment is impaired in some way. You'll struggle to drive and make decisions while behind the wheel. If you are involved in an accident while driving under the influence, your already impaired judgment could convince you to run.  Driving Away Only Cements Your Fault If you were involved in an accident while drunk, high, or drowsy, the other parties could claim that it was your fault, even when it wasn't.

Why It's A Good Idea To File A Disciplinary Complaint Form Against A Lawyer

If your attorney is engaged in behavior that you're concerned about, you might wonder if you should bother filing a complaint against your attorney. After all, wouldn't doing so potentially damage your relationship with the lawyer? However, when the problems you are encountering with your lawyer are serious enough, filing a complaint might be your best course of action. Lawyers Who Review the Complaint Are Employed by the State Bar

Hiring Tips For DUI Attorneys

DUI attorneys are going to be a helpful professional party to work with when you're charged with a DUI. Whether you know you're guilty or circumstances caused a false positive, you need to hire said specialist using a couple of instrumental tips. Make Sure They Don't Pass Judgement When you work with a DUI attorney after getting this type of charge, you want a professional that is in your corner and focused on helping you get out of this legal situation.