Why You Shouldn't Run After A DUI Accident

It's never a good idea to drive under the influence, as you'll often find that your judgment is impaired in some way. You'll struggle to drive and make decisions while behind the wheel. If you are involved in an accident while driving under the influence, your already impaired judgment could convince you to run. 

Driving Away Only Cements Your Fault

If you were involved in an accident while drunk, high, or drowsy, the other parties could claim that it was your fault, even when it wasn't. Driving away after the accident will only strengthen their claim. Some will probably say that you drove away because you felt guilty. Your impaired judgment may have affected your decisions on the road, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you caused the accident. 

If caught, you're likely looking at DUI charges, hit and run, and a few other charges. Therefore, don't leave the scene without first contacting the other drivers or any other people involved in the accident. 

Contact a DUI Lawyer

If you're thinking of driving away after the accident, speak to your DUI lawyer before you do so. Ask your DUI attorney what you should do and follow their instructions. Be truthful to the lawyer by explaining how the accident happened and that you were driving under the influence. Your DUI lawyer will tell you to stay put and record a statement with the police, don't do anything other than what you have been advised to do. 

The fear of interacting with the police and being subjected to a sobriety test shouldn't be the reason you drive away. You should stay and ask your DUI lawyer whether you can consent to field sobriety tests. 

Don't Leave the Scene and Don't Admit to Fault

Being drunk doesn't necessarily mean you were at fault, and even when you are, don't admit to it to law enforcement. Avoiding making statements or issuing apologies on the accident site. Remember, if you're an impaired driver, anything you say can be used against you. 

Don't take any blame or admit to fault without consulting your DUI lawyer. Typically, accidents involving impaired drivers often have harsher penalties than driving under the influence without causing an accident. 

The prosecutor will seek to prove that you were driving under the influence and over the legal blood alcohol content limit. The prosecutors will also need to prove that your actions or impaired judgment caused the accident. Your best bet is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to represent you. If the prosecutor can't prove the above, you will be less likely to face harsh charges as initially intended. Talk to a DUI attorney near you to learn more.