Whistleblower Protection: 4 Ways A Coal Miner Attorney Can Help Those Who Report Safety Concerns

Coal miners have dangerous jobs, and the risks of working in a coal mine can be significantly minimized if safety concerns are reported. Unfortunately, many miners are afraid to voice safety concerns for fear of retaliation from their employers.  Fortunately, there are legal protections for whistleblowers in place to protect these brave individuals. A coal miner's attorney can provide further assistance in ensuring that these individuals are not penalized for standing up to unsafe conditions.

Seeking Justice If Your Loved One Loses Their Life While Working At A Construction Site

Accidents that happen on construction sites can be devastating. In many cases, employees injured in construction incidents spend a lot of time off work as they seek treatment. This leads to snowballing financial implications that affect the entire family. The consequences are even more catastrophic if the injured worker succumbs to their injuries. However, your family can get financial compensation if your loved one dies while working at a construction site.

Does Your Deed Require Amendments And How Can A Legal Advisor Help You? Find Out

A valid deed provides proof that you own property, and gives you a right to sell, gift, or develop your land. However, this might only be possible if your certificate does not have errors that may nullify it in your state. Therefore, you may want to consult an estate planning attorney to examine your deed and determine whether it has any mistakes. This will help prevent inaccuracies that might take away the right to make important decisions about your property.

How Your House Is Divided During A Divorce

One of the biggest assets you likely have in your marriage is your home, which can bring up questions about how it is divided in a divorce. This is what you need to know about how a house is fairly split up.   The Total Assets Are Split 50/50 One misconception about divorce is that all assets will be split in a 50/50 manner. While this may be true, this only applies to the total assets that are divided in a divorce.

Did You Plan To Commit A Crime?

Many people are unaware of the laws about crimes that never took place. You don't necessarily need to finish robbing someone, for example, to be charged with a crime. Read on to find out why doing things only halfway can still be very bad. You Attempted to Commit a Crime Even attempting to commit a crime is a crime because you undertook several steps toward that goal. Law enforcement must be able to show that you were preparing to commit a crime.