2 Tips For Taking Pictures After Sustaining Injuries In A Slip-And-Fall Accident At A Store

While shopping at a local store, you may have slipped on a wet patch or spilled granules that led you to fall. During the fall, you may have badly hurt yourself enough that you need medical attention, and you are planning to file a suit against the store. Since documentation is vitally important for supporting your suit against the business, use the following tips for taking pictures to help build your case after sustaining injuries in a slip-and-fall accident at a store.

How To Initiate A Divorce

When you reach the point in your marriage where you feel it is completely over, you might want to start considering the idea of divorce. Divorce is not an event to rush into or rush through, though, yet it is something you might have to face if you cannot find a way to save the marriage. If you are ready to begin the divorce process and are not sure where to start, here are some tips that may help you know how to initiate the process.

5 Parties Who May Be Held Liable For A Truck Accident

Commercial trucks are much larger than traditional passenger vehicles. This size puts the passengers of a smaller vehicle at serious risk during any collision between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck. Severe, and often life-threatening, injuries can be sustained by the individuals in the passenger vehicle. You may be considering a lawsuit against the truck driver if negligence played a role in your accident, but there are other parties who might be held liable for damages as well.

When It Does And Does Not Make Sense To Hire A DWI Attorney

If you are being charged with driving while impaired (DWI), then you are likely considering hiring a DWI attorney to represent you. In most cases, DWI is prosecuted as a misdemeanor, which means that these charges are serious and should not be taken lightly. At a minimum, you are facing fines and penalties against your license, including a likely suspension. Jail time is usually on the table as well, although the likelihood that you will actually end up behind bars will vary depending on the details of your case.

Should You File For Bankruptcy? 4 Signs To Guide You

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision that can impact your financial future. If you aren't sure if you should file for bankruptcy, or if you may be able to get out of debt without filing, read on for helpful information and signs that it's time to file for bankruptcy to get out of debt.  1. You're Borrowing Money If you're borrowing money left and right from family, friends, or from a paycheck loan company, you could end up in debt quickly.