Get Ready To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

It's good to be prepared when you begin working on your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) application. Following the tips below should have you on top of things and ready to get it accomplished.

Fill the Application Out Carefully – The SSA knows nothing about you or your disability other than what you put on the application. If you don't list things completely or accurately, you may have your application rejected. Since this type of application is so lengthy and detailed, plan on filling out only a few sections or areas at a time before taking a break.

Gather Needed Paperwork – Applicants need a lot of information and it's best to get what you need in one place before you begin. The application begins by asking you for personal information about yourself and your family. You will need contact information and Social Security numbers for your family members including any ex-spouses. If you are married, you will need your date of marriage and the dates of any deaths or divorces. Those with military service in their background will need the dates of service.

Your Work History – While it might be okay to estimate dates when filling out a job application, this type of application requires accurate dates and information about jobs you've held. Be ready to dig through your files for your employer's names, addresses, dates of employment, and income. Also, you will need information about any workers' compensation claims you've made or plan to make. The prime date the SSA needs to see is your last date of work. That is because your back pay, if your claim is approved, is dated from that date so be very sure of this entry.

Disability and Medical Information – This section may be the most important one because you must show the SSA that you have a qualifying condition that meets their requirements. Be as detailed as possible about your medical condition. The SSA needs to know the medical name of your disability along with the names and contact information of your doctors. If you have more than one disability, list them all. The key thing to keep in mind is that the SSA is interested in conditions that prevent you from working at your job or at any other job as well.

If you want help with your SSDI application, speak to a Social Security lawyer. They can use their SSA knowledge and expertise to craft an application that answers all the questions the first time. If you have been turned down for benefits, speak to a Social Security lawyer about representing you at your appeal hearing.

For more information, contact a Social Security disability lawyer near you.