2 Tips For Taking Pictures After Sustaining Injuries In A Slip-And-Fall Accident At A Store

While shopping at a local store, you may have slipped on a wet patch or spilled granules that led you to fall. During the fall, you may have badly hurt yourself enough that you need medical attention, and you are planning to file a suit against the store. Since documentation is vitally important for supporting your suit against the business, use the following tips for taking pictures to help build your case after sustaining injuries in a slip-and-fall accident at a store.

1.  Take Pictures of More Than the Immediate Scene Where You Fell

Directly after the accident, other than having your injuries tended to, your first thought may be to take pictures of the scene where you fell. While you do want to make sure that you take photos of what caused you to fall, such as a spilled substance or uneven floor, you also want to go a step further and document the surrounding area.

If you were in an aisle when you fell, for example, make sure that you take pictures of both ends. This may show that a caution sign was not present to warn you of a potential slip hazard. Having an attorney look at these pictures can also help them to pick out other possible hazards that can be used as evidence.

2.  Document Your Injuries by Taking Pictures the Day of and Days after the Accident

Along with the scene of your slip-and-fall accident, you will also want to take pictures of the areas on your body that were injured. However, only taking photos on the first day may not show the full extent of the injuries.  

Since most bruising and contusions appear worse in the days following an injury, photos taken on the first day may only show redness or slight discoloration. You want to make sure that you take pictures each day afterward to show the progression of them to help strengthen the proof of the severity of your injuries.

Making sure that you pictorially document the scene of your fall as well as your injuries can help you prove that the store was being negligent in preventing the accident as well as how your injuries appear and have affected your life. However, the pictures may not be enough, especially if you attempt to navigate the filing and proceedings by yourself. Instead of going it alone, schedule an appointment to meet with a personal injury lawyer to go over your case if you have not already done so.

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