How To Initiate A Divorce

When you reach the point in your marriage where you feel it is completely over, you might want to start considering the idea of divorce. Divorce is not an event to rush into or rush through, though, yet it is something you might have to face if you cannot find a way to save the marriage. If you are ready to begin the divorce process and are not sure where to start, here are some tips that may help you know how to initiate the process.

Make sure it is what you want

If you are already certain you want a divorce, it's probably because you have spent months or years thinking about it and preparing yourself for it, but if you have not spent time doing these things, then you should do that before you move on. Before you get into the legalities of divorce, it is vital that you are certain this is what you want. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money and time pursuing it only to change your mind later on.

Talk to your spouse if possible

A second good step to take before going to a lawyer is talking to your spouse about it. Have you already talked to him or her? What is your spouse's opinions and thoughts on this? If your spouse agrees with you and also wants a divorce, is he or she willing to compromise and work together with you on it? If so, you might be able to use an alternative method for your divorce, such as mediation. If your spouse is against the divorce or is unwilling to work with you on it, then you would be better off using a lawyer.

Visit a lawyer or mediator

Your next step should be finding a lawyer or mediator to work with, depending on what you and your spouse agree on or discuss. In either case, take your time in hiring someone to help you. You will spend a lot of time with the lawyer or mediator you hire, and you should make sure it is a person that you can work easily with.

Sign the papers

After working with a lawyer, you will end up with divorce papers that you must sign. Once you sign these, you have officially initiated the divorce process. These are the basic steps you should consider taking when you are ready to initiate a divorce. To learn more, contact a family law attorney to schedule a consultation.