Were You Caught Speeding A Few Miles Over In A High Speed Zone? What To Know To Fight Your Ticket

If you got caught speeding only a few over in a high speed area and points on your license could leave you without a way to transport yourself, you want to get a lawyer. If you think that you could lose your job because you got the speeding ticket, lose your insurance coverage, or that you are going to have other personal problems, it may be worth trying to fight the ticket. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a traffic lawyer is best.

Equipment Can be Faulty

One of the first things that you will want to look at is having the equipment checked. You will have to get a lawyer right away so they are able to check the gun that was used to clock you at your alleged speed. If this gun hasn't been tested for accuracy in the set amount of time, then it may be difficult for them to prove that it was accurate.

With speeds above 60 mph, about 3 percent of scans are inaccurate, so a ticket from a gun that clocked you a few over in a high speed zone may be worth looking into.

Speed or Charge Reduction Can be Life Changing

If you are near the edge of being over the point limit and your driving privileges are at the risk of being revoked, the lawyer may be able to work out a plea deal. By getting the charges reduced, or the crime changed to a lesser charge, you may be able to avoid as many points, reduce the amount of fines you have to pay,

Some Officers Don't Make the Effort to Appear

When you are there to fight your ticket the officer that gave it to you should also be there. If they don't show up to contest that you are fighting the ticket, the judge may drop the ticket altogether. Your lawyer will have a date for the case rescheduled and then be with you in front of the judge, to present the case regardless if the officer is there or not.

There are a lot of different issues that can arise when you are trying to fight a speeding ticket on your own, so you want to take the time to find a traffic lawyer that can get the case moving, and that can explain your options. Make sure that they can make the court date and get working to fight the ticket.

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