Situations Where You Should Hire A Business Litigation Attorney

Businesses will often find themselves involved in a number of disputes and other legal issues that can arise over the course of conducting business. While there are many attorneys that can provide their clients with help concerning business litigation, individuals will often be unsure of when they will require these services. In particular, there are a handful of problems that these attorneys can be particularly capable of helping their clients address.

Ownership Conflicts And Disputes

It can be common for businesses to be organized with multiple owners and investors. These individuals will have their own rights when it concerns their ownership of the business. For example, there can be disputes arising from partners feeling like their input is being marginalized or they have been cheated out of their share of profits. When negotiations are unable to resolve these disputes, seeking representation from an experienced business litigation attorney may be the safest option for protecting your rights in these matters.

Trademark Infringement

It is common for businesses to hold numerous trademarks. These can be essential for protecting the branding, products and intellectual property of your business. Individuals violating your trademarks can have long-term impacts on your business as it can dilute your brand's strength and confuse your clients. Luckily, you can take legal action against those that are violating your trademark, which can compel them to stop and pay for the damages they caused.

Contract Disputes

Your business may utilize the services of numerous third-party contractors. This will often include suppliers, IT support, cleaning and leasing space. Unfortunately, it is possible for disputes to arise over the terms of contracts and whether these terms have been fulfilled. While resorting to using legal means to resolve these disputes may be something that you want to avoid, there will often be no other way of forcing a settlement to these matters. A business litigation attorney will be able to represent you in court during the process of resolving these disputes.


Acquiring a competitor can be an excellent way of securing your business and helping to rapidly expand it. However, the process of acquiring another company can be very complicated. This is particularly true when you will be acquiring a company that has many investors and ownership partners. Mistakes during this process can prove to be very costly or they may cause the acquisition to fail. For this reason, individuals should always acquire a business litigation attorney before they initiate an acquisition so that they can reduce the risk of mistakes occurring.