How A Prenuptial Agreement Can Come In Handy

Do you want to marry your partner although the relationship has only been going on for a short period of time? It is wise for you to consider what might happen to your assets and other important things if the marriage doesn't work out. A prenuptial agreement can help you avoid a possible complicated divorce later on. Below, you will discover a few of the reasons why a prenuptial agreement is ideal before marriage after a short relationship.

You Won't Have to Worry About Falling into Debt

Falling into debt is one of the common problems that are experienced in a marriage. Sometimes the debts accumulated based on the actions of only one spouse. However, in the event of a divorce, the debts can be divided between both partners. If you have noticed that your spouse is careless with spending money, a prenuptial agreement can provide security. For example, you can predetermine who will be responsible for paying certain debts if a divorce occurs.

You Can Keep Money in Your Bank Account

Working hard to build up a nice sum of money in a bank account is a proud accomplishment. Once you get married, the money can be considered marital property. You can then end up having to share it with your spouse in a divorce. The perk of having a prenuptial agreement in place is that you can avoid having to pay him or her any of your premarital money. You can also opt for only allowing your spouse to obtain a specific percentage of the money if the marriage doesn't last.

You Can Set Plans for Your Future Children

Raising children comes with a lot of responsibilities, which can put strain on a marriage if there are disagreements. For example, one spouse might want the children to have a private education, while the other leans more towards public schools. You and your spouse will be able to legally predetermine how any future children will be educated in a prenuptial agreement. Other issues involving the children can also be predetermined.

You Can Avoid Having to Pay Spousal Support

The worst feeling after a divorce is paying spousal support when it isn't deserved, such as when a marriage is short-lived. You can set a rule in the prenuptial that will only allow your spouse to receive alimony if the marriage lasts beyond a specific number of years. Get in touch with a family lawyer to discuss your desire for a prenuptial agreement.

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