2 Tips That Can Help You Find the Right Criminal-Defense Attorney for Your Needs

One of the most important things that you can do when you have been charged with a crime is to hire a criminal-defense attorney, but this can be a bit of a difficult prospect due to the sheer number of different attorneys available and the wide range of specialties that those attorneys can have. Listed below are two tips that can help you find the right criminal-defense attorney for your particular needs.

Always Consider a Specialist

One of the most important tips that you can follow when looking for a defense attorney is to consider a defense attorney that specializes in the type of crime that you have been charged with. For example, if you have been charged with driving under the influence, hiring a DUI attorney will provide you with the best defense possible in that situation.

The reason for this is that the criminal-law field is absolutely massive, which makes it very difficult for a general attorney to be able to defend you as well as a criminal lawyer that has chosen to focus his or her attention and studies on a narrow section of the law. This means that the specialist will be more able to bring to mind and find specific precedents that can be used to help you in court and can offer defense strategies that have been proven to be very effective in the past.

Always Check the Attorney's Workload

Another tip that can help you find the right defense attorney for you is to always check the attorney's workload. One way to accomplish this is to check the office when you arrive for your consultation to see how busy the office seems. In addition, ask the attorney directly if he or she has the time to dedicate a lot of attention to your case, mostly because you do not want to hire an attorney that does not have enough time to answer your calls promptly or meet with you to answer your questions.

Also, if the attorney is overly busy, he or she may not be able to come up with an effective defense strategy. Picking an attorney with a light workload is especially important if you have been charged with a federal crime because the prosecutors for those crimes have much lighter workloads than the state prosecutors. This means that he or she has a lot more time to spend on your case. As a result, you will want an attorney that can spend just as much time working on your case in order to give yourself the best possible chance to win the case.

Make an appointment with a local criminal-defense attorney to discuss your case and begin creating a defense strategy. When picking out a criminal-defense attorney, it is important to always consider a specialist and to check the attorney's workload in order to find an effective attorney that can devote the necessary time to your case.

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