2 Pesky Myths About Disability Benefits After A Workplace Accident

Most employers go to great effort to keep their workers safe on the job. Beyond that, no employee ever wants to be injured on the job, and strict safety laws are in place to protect modern workers. Unfortunately, despite all these safety measures and good intentions, workplace accidents are quite common. What can seem even more common are myths surrounding accidents and what you should do to ensure that you can get disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Here are of the most persistent myths on this frequently misunderstood topic, as well as the truths beyond the myths.

Myth #1: If you accept a settlement for a lawsuit that's related to the workplace accident, you will no longer be able to get social security disability benefits.

Truth: The truth of the matter is that these two things are not dependent on the other. They are entirely different things. No personal injury settlement should have an impact on the social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits that you are entitled to receive. On the other hand, there is another program called the Supplemental Security Income program that would look at the settlement money that you received before determining whether you should get benefits under that program. Discuss which programs are best for you with your personal injury attorney who can point out the specific needs of your case.

Myth #2: Once you get approved for disability payments, you have a guaranteed income for life.

Truth: Unfortunately for many people who depend on their disability payments, the truth is that getting approved for disability does not mean that you are set for life in any way. Your medical situation is reviewed on a set basis by the Social Security Administration. If your condition is expected to improve, your situation can be evaluated as early as 18 months after the start of your benefits. If your condition is not expected to change or improve, your situation may not be evaluated for another seven years.

Finally, keep in mind that you should speak to your personal injury attorney before signing any paperwork related to your employment and the accident you experienced. Your lawyer will be able to help you decide what steps you should take to protect yourself and your rightful claims to receive benefits in the aftermath of your injury. You shouldn't have to suffer any more frustration than the accident has already caused, and a personal injury lawyer can work with you to ensure that your best interests are safeguarded.

Getting injured in a workplace accident can be a confusing ordeal, so talk with professional lawyers, such as those at Blomberg Benson & Garrett, for more information and help with resolving your accident.