Do This, Not That If You Fall In A Public Place And Get Injured

You may assume that the public places you visit are safe. You may even assume that if you do slip and fall in a place of business, the powers that be in that particular place will see to it that you are attended to and treated well. However, just because businesses have the responsibility to maintain safe premises for their customers, it does not always mean that this is the case. In fact, many personal injury claims are brought about because business owners and their insurers try to get out of liability for injuries after a slip or fall. To ensure your best outcome after you take a tumble in a public place, there are a few things you should and should not do. 

Do This: Stay down after a fall until an employee sees your situation. 

It is best to stay down after you fall so an associate or employee can see your predicament clearly before you leave the scene of the accident. If there are no employees nearby, wave down a passerby and have them go ask for management or assistance from an employee. 

Not That: Hop directly up after a tumble because you are embarrassed. 

Your first reaction after a fall will likely be to try to hop off of the floor and back on your feet. However, this is never a good move. Your injuries could easily be more substantial than you realize. Plus, if you are springing up after a fall on surveillance tapes, it could make it look like you weren't injured at all. 

Do This: Go immediately for medical advice after filing a report. 

The quicker you get to a medical professional after a fall, the better off you will be physically. You never know what injuries you may have sustained without a thorough evaluation. Additionally, going for immediate medical attention will ensure that the business owner knows you needed medical attention after your accident. 

Not That: Insist you are fine after a fall and decide you need medical attention later on. 

If you just leave the place of business without seeking medical attention, it will appear to the business owner that you are just fine, even if your injuries flare up later that night because they are far worse than you originally realized. The business owner could claim in court that you were fine when you left their property, and, maybe you injured yourself after you left and were on your own. 

For more information and advice, talk to a personal injury attorney.